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A Meeting of Spirits

The foundation of the The InnerGuidance Network (IGN) is the awareness that we are spiritual beings having the power of creating glorious human experiences. Life is meant to be purposeful and joyful.

In his book "Spirits Onymous," Adrianus describes twelve principles and gives practical steps to effectively create a life that is aligned with one's spiritual purpose.  Since the program gains power when it is done in harmony with others, the InnerGuidance Network provides a free on-line course  and local meetings.

The format of the local meetings is similar to what is provided on the website, with the added value that like-minded people actually meet in person, creating local communities and peer-coaching relationships.

The InnerGuidance Network meetings offer a time and a place where kindred Spirits gather to create an oasis of support, light and focus. During the meetings, the participants raise their vibrational energy, discuss the twelve Spirits Onymous' principles, meditate, and make commitments for the following week. The participants support each other in expressing their true nature and in joyfully creating the life they desire. Additionally, peer-coaching relationships among the members are created.

The only way to create the life you desire and express the greatness that shines in you is through a process of gentle and consistent practice.  The local InnerGuidance Network meetings support you on this transformational journey and bring you in contact with awakening Spirits in your community.


"A Meeting of Spirits"
This 8-minute video gives an impression of an InnerGuidance Network Meeting.


When and Where

InnerGuidance Network meetings can be offered any day and anytime: whenever three or more people are committed to meet. The meetings are typically bi-weekly and organized in a public place. Closed meeting may be hosted at someone's home.  The meeting lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

Click here when you are interested in hosting a Local InnerGuidance Network Meeting?

Currently, we have one meeting active and plan to expand to your community.  Hence, we invite you to fulfill a leadership role and set up a meeting in your area. Click on the link below for more information regarding the Bethlehem meeting.

PO Box 224, Bethlehem, PA 18016-0224, USA
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