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Participants will discuss the dynamics of how to create respectful, genuine and supportive relationships.  We will explore how we communicate with others and ourselves, and how we can create rapport with virtually anyone.


Participants will:

Learn Mindful Communication skills

Learn effective communication techniques

Learn active listening skills

Learn to recognize and keep personal baggage out of the equation

Practice the learned information in a “real” peer life coaching situation

Presenter                      Adrianus Van Munster, LCSW, BCD
Time                               10AM - 4PM (may vary)
CE Credits                    Check schedule
Training Schedule      Click here
"Absolutely dynamic environment with continued exchange of ideas and experence. Healthy mix of teaching and practical application exercises.
It's life-changing!" - Michael Casari, MA

"Very open, honest, helpful information."

"All staff workers in the Mental Health Field should take it. Especially those in management."

"Adrianus was a very good instructor."

"It helps build relationships, personal and professional."

"Everyone needs to take this workshop. It will improve the communication in all of your relationships!"

"The instructor was very skilled and passionate about the topic. He did an excellent job in engaging every individual in the lesson and allowed us to engage with each other."

"We  learned a great deal about communication and how to incorporate various skills and techniques in our very-day life situations."

"It teaches you to effectively communicate with others and get them to express their passions and desires."

"It's an enjoyable way to understand the effects of how we communicate with others and why."

"Great class."

"It's a useful skill to know yourself better and be aware of how and why you communicate."

"This class was enlightening and introspective."

"This is the #1 course on communication. You should take it. It really helps a lot."

"Mr. Van Munster is an excellent instructor!"

"Take the class. I learned to communicate better with others and myself."

"Adrianus was enlightening."

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