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2010, The Year You Achieved Your Boldest Goal





2010, The Year You Achieved Your Boldest Goal is a practical guide that coaches you in 3 months toward real change. The book gives the answer to the most fundamental desire of all human beings. It gives clarity to your life's mission and how to create a fulfilling, joyful and abundant existence. In 12 practical steps, in 12 weeks, you are coached in transforming your life.

2010, The Year You Achieved Your Boldest Goal gives easy steps to remember what you came here to do and claim the life you were born to live. This book is for conscious spiritual beings with a passion to creating an extraordinary human experience.

If you want love, health, abundance and a meaningful life: this is the book for you. It is a practical tool to focus and attract what you deeply desire.

2010, The Year You Achieved Your Boldest Goal is a book that will help you live and create from a conscious state of mind; aware of who you truly are, aware of your mission and aware of your infinite power.

2010, The Year You Achieved Your Boldest Goal  is the 2010 issue of the InnerGuidance Network’s Annual Handbook. It is a continual Life Coaching Process, based on the 12 principles of Spirits Onymous. The accompanying on-line course is FREE.

2010, The Year You Achieved Your Boldest Goal is available as a spiral bound soft cover (for ease of use) and as a download. It  will accompany you on your journey to joy, abundance and health through February 2011.
Spring 2010 Sale: $19.95 ► $14.95
Download: $5.95

"Adrianus Van Munster’s adeptness at developing simple, practical methods for understanding and applying complex, abstract principles is clearly demonstrated in this book. He brilliantly provides a step-by-step process for accessing our innate potential and creating the best life we can imagine. Embrace the contents of this handbook and ready yourself for life-changing results.”
     - Dr. James Strohl, Director, Center for Psychological Development

“I love your book, and am studying the 12 steps with great enthusiasm! Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us! Namaste.”
     - Cas Styrcula, Reiki Master/Teacher,

“For those who desire to be the best they can possibly be, I heartily recommend the InnerGuidance Network and the Spirits Onymous philosophy. The system is based on solid spiritual and mental principles.”
     - Michael Casari, MA

"Thank you for the wonderful handbook... It has taught me so much.. I believe that everyone has a treasure inside them."
      - Grace Merryman
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